UCONN Harry A. Gampel Pavilion Court Auction 4

Bid on the once in a lifetime court that pays homage to 33 years of history, 16 championship teams and some of the most influential athletic action. From the Center Court Husky, to the Freethrow Line, to the “UCONN HUSKIES '' sidelines and more, own UConn Husky greatness.  

The University of Connecticut and Artsman, a leading game-used memorabilia company, have partnered to launch a once in a lifetime auction honoring the legendary Harry A. Gampel Pavilion Court. The auction will highlight game-used panels from the historic NCAA® court that was in use from 1990-2023 (33 year span).

The auction begins Friday, May 3. The auction will span three days, May 3 to May 5, offering a selection of court sections that represent various influential moments and history.

Schedule (All times are EST)

  • May 3rd-5th: Opens 11AM on the 3rd and ends 8PM on the 5th

Items Available for Bidding (All Items Are Customizable Except the Guitar)

9 Panels From Key Basketball Moments in UConn History

4 Men’s Basketball Moments:

  • Panel W8: Rod Sellers scores the Huskies 1st basket ever on this court
  • Panel E11: Kemba Walker hits game winner against #7 Villanova
  • Panel B10: UCONN host and defeats #1 Texas
  • Panel F9: Shabazz Napier hits game winner over #15 Florida

5 Women’s Basketball Moments:

  • Panel B9: Kerry Bascom leads team to 1st NCAA tournament game win
  • Panel B8: 100th win over the Women’s South Carolina team
  • Panel V11: Bird at the buzzer 
  • Panel W9: UCONN defeats Virginia in Elite Eight. Leads to 1st Championship
  • Panel W11: #2 UCONN beats #1 Tennessee sparking one of the greatest rivalries 

  Iconic Court Logos & Pieces

  • Center Court Logo
  • Women’s 11-Time NCAA® National Championship Logo
  • Men’s 4-Time NCAA® National Championship Logo
  • Big East Logo/Foul Line
  • Guitar crafted from various parts of the UConn court
  • Sideline “X” (Where Players Check-In to the Game)
  • “UCONN HUSKIES” Logo Panel L1