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Why does it take so long to receive my item?

Every item we craft at Artsman is a custom creation. When we start a program, it may take 8–12 weeks to receive the court, select the segments to be used, deconstruct each panel, cut the wood for unique pieces, craft the items, and quality inspections.

We typically only have a few items in inventory at any point. So, once each order is placed, our team gets to work creating the pieces.

Are all items crafted in the U.S.?

Most but not all. Every item starts in our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. We do our best to craft as many items as possible in the U.S., with the exception being our jewelry and smallest novelties which are made overseas in order to keep the prices down as low as possible.

Why is my card charged immediately, even though the item doesn’t ship immediately?

Because every item is custom-made, we charge immediately and begin crafting. We have crafted and shipped tens of thousands of pieces all over the world, and look forward to every customer receiving their collectible.